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you gotta aspire
before you climb the highest mountain
reach the highest peak
breathe in that breathe of life
take your first step
self satisfaction
self realisation

you did it on your own
overcame all those obstacles
that waited on every turn
every turn of your life
every hurdle that was put in front
put in front of you
still you ran that race
still raised a smile or two
a moment of self discovery
you discovered the real you
-Garry Cadd



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-Nelson Mandela 1994 inaugural speech
(photo via thefashionspot) 

Forget diamonds, a girl’s best friend is chocolate!

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Forget diamonds, a girl’s best friend is chocolate!

Iconic GIRL Quote

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Everything about you is beautiful!

I Am Somebody…

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I am somebody. I am me. I like being me.  And I need nobody to make me somebody.

Iconic Quote: Alex Wek

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“I have no problem with whatever the next big look is.  Just don’y try and tell me that only one look is beautiful.”- Alex Wek

Jill Scott "Womanifesto"

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Clearly I am not a fat ass
I am active brain
and lip smacking peach deep
sometimes too aggressive in its honesty
and heart sweet
that loves whole-ly and completely
whom it may choose
whom ever it may choose

I am not gonna lie and passify
I am arms to hold
I am lips to speak
I am a muthaf%#@ing “G”

Strong legs that stroll off the 33 bus
or out of a money green Phantom confortably
Knees that bend to pray
clean from Ajax washings
hair that is thick and soft
Thigh that be-twixt
an amazing all expense grand prize

I am eyes that sing
smile that brightens
touch that rings
and supply euphoric release
I am a Grand Dame Queen Beast

I am warm 
I am peace
From the roads of Botswana to 23rd Street
From the inside third eye
ever watching this wicked wicked system of things
I do see

I am friend to pen 
and a lover of strong women
A Diamond to men
I am curious and interested like children 
I welcome the wise to teach 
appreciator of my culture
Thick not just from bone dense and eat

I have a rhythm in my ways 
and a practice in my seek
and yes I do crave the rhythm of my space
with a man that rejoyces in God’s Grace

with faith I do hear to listen
two hands that fist 
when forced pushes to shove
and your ego won’t submit

I am gifted 
I am all of this 
and indeed the Shit

Clearly I am not just an ass

-Jill Scott “Womanifesto”

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Yes, I’m The Quiet One!

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Natural Bella

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“Take the kinks out of your mind, not your hair.” 
– Marcus Mosiah Garvey

If The Shoe Fits…

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If the shoe fits, buy it in every color!
-Author Unknown