Iconic GIRLS To Know: To-Tam & To-Nya Sachika

In Iconic GIRLS on March 1, 2012 at 4:00 pm
To-Tam & To-Nya Sachika, identical twin designers born in Paris, grew up in a large family of artists & entrepreneurs. From a young age, the duo tandem knew they would be building, crafting and creating art. Fashion & Art has always been their aspiration. The Yin & Yang Vietnamese Designers, also known as the SACHIKA TWINS moved from Montreal to New York City a few years ago to achieve the ultimate American Dream.
After only one year, SACHIKA exploded into the Fashion & Entertainment scene dressing prominent stars and public figures. Their unique approach to design, marketing, sense of style and bubbly personalities have helped them set apart as business women and designers.
Today, SACHIKA has earned a secure place amongst the stars as it proudly celebrates and embraces all body types. The brand is known to fabricate beautiful dresses that complement the female body. SACHIKA’ s feminine, flirty fashion has been featured included but not limited in publications such as Italian VOGUE, Forbes, ELLE Magazine, The Fader, Arise Magazine, Teen Vogue, Daily News, NY Times, Businessweek, Fashion Week Daily, Style.com, Elle.com, Reuters. SACHIKA was also featured on E! Entertainement, Fox News, BRAVO, Channel 11, TVOne, BET, Vh1 etc.
From being the dress specialist, SACHIKA has ventured into making outerwear, separates such as skirts, pants, tops, jackets as well as apparel for men called: TUX BY SACHIKA. SACHIKA is currently working on a denim line for both men & women in collaboration with RECO jeans scheduled to launch in Fall 2011. Now currently getting ready for their third season at New York Fashion Week and first season at LA Fashion Week, SACHIKA is ready to explode nationwide.
SACHIKA encourages women to be independent, strong, and ambitious. The Modern Woman is fierce, she’s independent and she knows what she wants. To-Tam & To-Nya are the embodiment of the Modern Women: between the two of them; all angles are covered: from sketching, creating, pattern making, grading, draping, cutting, sewing, fitting, selling, branding, marketing, pr & business. Nothing is overlooked and there is nothing that these two cannot do. To-Tam & To-Nya push themselves to be better seasons after seasons.
The SACHIKA TWINS are also currently working on several new ventures such as denim line, swimwear line and their own TV show…!

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-via Sachika

  1. Wow, these ladies are definitely iconic! I absolutely love fashion and these ladies are inspiring me. :DP.S. Thanks for emailing me to check this site out. I'm glad I got to visit. I hope you visit my blog too and hope we can follow each other!Lots of love, Bhttp://vivalabreee.blogspot.com/Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  2. This is really inspiring .. Thank you for emailing me, i'm really glad.Lovemodas-diva.blogspot.com ❤ ❤

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