Iconic GIRL Spotlight: Elise Hutton

In Iconic GIRLS on January 19, 2012 at 12:00 pm
Meet Elise Hutton. She’s a twenty one year old from South Carolina and oldest of three girls. She’s an awesome freelance writer and hopes to someday wrote for well known magazines and websites. Elise current project is a lifestyle blog called Sugar Coated where she documents all things in life that inspire her or bring her joy. She also teaches a pre-teen class at her church where they discuss the effects that society has on us.
Elise is an Iconic GIRL because she does not compromise herself to fit the world’s standards for a girl. She doesn’t feel forced to wear provocative clothing, so everyone will think she’s sexy. She doesn’t feel the need to put herself on unhealthy, unreasonable diets just because she should be a size 0. Elise believes being an Iconic GIRL is all about making your own rules. She’s not talking about being rebellious and shocking, but just sticking to your own opinions, and not letting the world inform you on how to dress or live. 
Elise was blessed to find a man that makes me feel beautiful everyday. Whether she’d gained five pounds, burned the chicken parmesan, or gotten car sick in his brand new Mustang, he loves her just the same. His kindness makes her feel more confident about herself. She believes that surrounding yourself with kind, loving people really does make a huge difference on your own mood and more importantly, your life. 
Elise enjoys staying healthy by visiting the gym regularly, eating a balanced diet, and taking random adventures with her future husband! To her, mixing up her routines are what keeps her going. Biking, rock climbing, running, hiking, walking, etc are some of her favorite activities. Music also plays a big part in her fitness motivation! Elise’s motto is: keeping a strict workout schedule can be challenging, but it is so worth it when you feel and look fantastic!
Be sure to visit Elise at the links below:

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