Iconic GIRL Spotlight: Kasidy Moore

In Iconic GIRLS on January 15, 2012 at 9:58 pm
Meet Kasidy Moore.  This talented lady runs a blog called The Fresh Factor, which is a personal style blog with a twist. The goal is to share accessible personal style while promoting volunteer work and supporting others in their creative work. 
The Fresh Factor is a personal style blog based on the belief that your fresh isn’t fresh until you give it away. Combining style inspiration with opportunities to give back, we recognize that we are all factors in our communities and have a calling to contribute. The Fresh Factor is not only a style blog, but also a style endeavor; seeking to connect businesses, independent boutiques and designers, great labels, talented creative types, and causes in a unique, mutually beneficial way – providing a platform for their work to shine. This is an attempt to make some sort of difference through a collective bond of style-loving awesomeness and have some fun in the process.
See the world uniquely. Influence it creatively. Be Fresh. 
Kasidy finds volunteer opportunities to be involved in and organizations that do work in the community. Through the site, she promotes these organizations and host a volunteer opportunity. So far, groups have helped the Good Will/Easter Seals organization and the Emergency Foodshelf Network. Kasidy also encourages anyone who is doing volunteer work to let her know what they have done so she can acknowledge them on the site and further create a culture of volunteerism and giving back.
The Fresh Factor is the first branch of an umbrella organization called Gifted Culture. The goal is to encourage people who are creatively talented to work at a certain level of excellence and consider how their gift can be used to change the world. Gifted Culture will be putting on events in the community in the upcoming year and striving to give opportunities to young artists who wish to develop their talent and make a difference.

If you can to learn more about The Fresh Factor or Kasidy Moore:

The Fresh Factor

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  1. She seems to be a very nice girl! Being a volunteer must be so cool!

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