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Iconic GIRL Quote: Aaliyah

In Living on January 30, 2012 at 12:00 pm
“I want people to remember me as a full on entertainer and a good person.”
– Aaliyah

Are You Addicted To Exercise?

In Health on January 26, 2012 at 1:00 pm
image courtesy of Ingram Publishing/Thinkstock
Want to lose weight? Work out! Want to feel better? Work out! Want to have more energy? Work out! Want to be happier? Work out! Annoyed at me? Work out! Kidding.
Exercise is often promoted as a cure-all to end all things unwanted and, for the most part, this is true. A simple walk for even 30 minutes a day has been proven to release endorphins, reduce weight gain and hypertension, as well as helping to reverse other signs of disease and aging.
But you can have too much of a good thing. At that point—when fitness enthusiast turns obsessive and exercise is no longer for just your health—the obsession for perfection (whether perfect abs or that faster mile) can potentially harm your body and cripple other aspects of your life.
Both fitness enthusiasts and obsessive exercisers love to work out. They are people who train regularly, possibly every day for extended periods of time. They find balance in their lives because they give themselves the time to work out, and they are always striving to better themselves. They love the “high” they feel after exercising, and crave it in the same way that coffee addicts yearn for their morning cup of joe. Both tend to be fit and healthy looking, and in fact, they may even be admired by their peers for their physique, dedication and will power. 
But enthusiast becomes obsessive when the love for working out becomes an absolute “do or die” need to exercise; even if it means ignoring work duties, family obligations and injury warning signs. Obsessive exercisers (also known as anorexic athletica or obligatory exerciser) put exercise above everything. They plan their entire day around it, and if they don’t work out, they feel a sense of guilt and anxiety. They watch every calorie consumed and barely ever indulge. 
The motivation behind all of this tends to be a lack of self-esteem, possible depression, and the need for control. Tailoring your life around a rigorous fitness regime provides a level of empowerment and endorphin release that maybe other aspects of your life don’t provide.
Emotionally, this can take a toll because obsessive exercisers may avoid social situations so they won’t disrupt their workout routine and may end up isolating themselves from their peers and loved ones. Physically, this obsession can lead to over-training, which can cause injury and exhaustion. An obsessive exerciser may ignore signs of fatigue, tension or soreness, and decide to power through yet another workout. Too much exercise can alter hormone balance and cause lasting physical harm. It can also lead to premature osteoporosis and adrenal exhaustion.
Through a lot of self examination and body awareness, I eventually found the balance and happiness that working out and fitness truly provides, and if you follow these tips, you will hopefully find the same.
Physical signs that you might be an obsessive exerciser:
-Body fatigue 
-Joint pain 
-Sudden lack of motivation or physical inability to finish your exercise routine 
-Change or decrease in appetite
If you are an obsessive exerciser, or you know someone who might be, please follow these tips to help scale you back to balance!
5 Ways to Overcome Exercise Addiction:
1. Recognize it for what it is
First step is recognition with no judgement attached. The truth is, there are worse things to be addicted to. But now that you know this might be a problem, it is time to own up to it and learn to find joy in other avenues of your life.

2. Rest
Fact is, your body needs rest. Take a few days off or even a week. Rest allows your body to rebuild and repair itself and it actually will thank you for the rest by making your body feel more rejuvenated. If you do workout consecutively back to back, try not to do the same type of work out twice in a row.
3. Seek Help
If you’re noticing that resting has become difficult and that you are having problems being positive, seek professional help. There might be something deeper going on in your life that you’re not addressing. Sometimes, simply talking to a friend you know and trust helps too. Either way, it’s time to be honest about yourself and the motivations behind your obsession.
4. Body Awareness
I can’t stress enough how important it is to listen to your body. Every person is different and its needs are different. What works for one person doesn’t work for another. If your body is giving you all the physical signs that it is in pain and needs time to recover, please listen to it.
5. Engage in exercise that involves groups of people
Since most obsessives tend to work out by themselves, a great change would be to find a group of like-minded individuals to work out with. Try a fitness class or a bicycling group. This way it becomes more about socializing and less about the addiction. 

Four Of The Best Methods To Help You Save Money

In Living on January 25, 2012 at 6:00 pm
Many things that are not expected to occur in the future, sometimes when there is no money needs to be at the meet. Imagine if we want to save, set aside money from the income we get, of course, we can meet these urgent needs. Have you been saving? Save your expenses for your child’s college education, buying a new car, buy a house, or provide for an unexpected need. If indeed you want to have a future better, consider methods save money inside:
1. Open a savings account. Save money in the bank, and any time you can get it for emergency purposes, in this method you can easily gain access to your funds. Have savings you can exploit for the long term or short term, you can deposit and withdraw money to your account and earn interest, based on the daily balance of your average. Note, however, required minimum balance on your account in order to survive.
2. Checking account with interest. With this method you will benefit from the comfort of your accounts, while the deposit you get interest. You also get the ease of such withdrawals and check writing, access to ATM and bill payments that can be done online. This method usually requires a daily maintaining balance of at least $ 2,000.
3. Insured money market accounts. For long-term goals, this method is ideal, because it generally offers a higher interest rate than regular savings accounts. The interest rate usually depends on the amount of money in your bank account; larger balance means higher interest rates.
4. Certificates of Deposit. This is a savings method that requires you to “loan” your money to your financial institution for a certain period, usually ranging from thirty days to five years. Here, the longer period of time again, means higher interest rates. Usually insurance companies offer a deal at a better interest than banks, so before you invest, compare rates first!
So which method would you use to save your money?
-via ubyellow

Five Destinations To Spice Up Your Romance

In Living on January 24, 2012 at 12:00 pm
With Valentine’s Day weeks away, it’s time to think of ways to jazz up your romance. While some are busy making dinner reservations, we suggest you do something different this year: Plan a romantic getaway for you and your special someone! Although Valentine’s Day is approaching, don’t fret, Jones magazine compiled a list of destinations from great concierge services to all inclusive packages to make your romantic getaway unforgettable.
Cupid Takes Vancouver
Escape to OPUS Vancouver and plan a romantic stay with their new Cupid Concierge that will take care of your Valentine’s Day details with a truly personalized experience for you and your sweetheart. Rooms start at $295 per night for the Deluxe Guest Room with sparkling wine to greet you at check-in plus a 1/2 bottle of Veuve Clicquot. You also have the option of a half-dozen roses or orchids including a framed photo of your choice and a handwritten message from you delivered before arrival. The following morning enjoy breakfast in bed for two and take advantage of the leisurely late check-out of 1PM
Contact your personal cupid at least 48 hours prior to arriving to arrange your evening: cupid@opushotel.com
*Upgrade to a suite for $100 more
*Based on availability and valid weekends in February + Valentine’s night
Eco –conscious in Santa Monica
Venture out in Santa Monica, CA, at Shore Hotel, the new chic and eco friendly hotel celebrates Valentine’s Day with a “Pink Goes Green” package. For the month of February, Shore Hotel is offering guests a romantic, eco-conscious package including beachside accommodations and romantic activities and amenities. With rates starting at $469 per night you can experience overnight accommodations at Shore Hotel, Two bicycle rentals for the duration of your stay (which is perfect for a romantic bike ride on the beach), Bottle of organic wine or champagne upon arrival, 60-minute couples massage at Tikkun Spa, and $50 voucher to Santa Monica’s own,The Lobster Restaurant. This is definitely a divine package for the eco-conscious couples.
Stay, Spa, & Splashes for the beach lovers 
The oceanfront Surf & Sand Resort in Laguna Beach, CA shares a shoreline with the calming waves of the Pacific Ocean and serves as a romantic retreat for beach-loving couples. With private balconies and windows and doors that open-up toward the waves below, you’ll not want to leave your room as you take-in dolphin sightings and scenic sunrises and sunsets. Surf & Sand’s Stay, Spa & Splashes package with the rate of $625 includes: One-night stay in beachfront accommodations, signature spa treatment for two, three-course dinner for two at Surf’s signature Splashes restaurant, gourmet breakfast for two (in-room or at Splashes).
Warm things up Caribbean style at Curtain Bluff
Located on 20 lushly landscaped acres on the south coast of Antigua, Curtain Bluff boutique resort can accommodate exclusive romantic experiences, such as a private dinner on the beach or a wine tasting at Curtain Bluff’s wine cellar –the largest in the Caribbean! With a picture-perfect location, friendly atmosphere, gourmet cuisine and a host of outstanding activities, incorporated in a fully-inclusive rate that is truly one of the best values in the region starting at $1,095.
Romance by the sea at Ocean House 
The Ocean House in Watch Hill, Rhode Island offers an idyllic winter escape that redefines seaside luxury. The Victorian-era resort features the award-winning OH! Spa, an outstanding farm-to-table culinary program, and a full roster of resort activities such as cooking classes and wine tastings. With stunning seaside views and fireplaces in many guest rooms – the Ocean House is the perfect romantic New England getaway. The Romance By the Sea package starting at $965 includes: Two Nights luxurious deluxe accommodations, chocolate dipped strawberries and a bottle of champagne in your room upon arrival, specially created romantic five course dinner for two in Seasons restaurant on Saturday, February 11, 2012 featuring The Salt Marsh Opera, Spa Credit of $150.00, and Brunch in Seasons on the day of departure 
Couples/travelers can book this trip now through February 9. www.oceanhouseri.com

Oprah Attends The Leadership Academy for Girls Inaugural Graduation

In Entertainment and Celebrity, News on January 23, 2012 at 12:00 pm
Media mogul Oprah Winfrey wore a charming emerald green Honor dress from the Honor Fall 2011 collection while attending the inaugural graduation of the class of 2011 at Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in Henley on Kilp, South Africa.   ‘I have never been more proud to know, to grow, and to call myself Mam Oprah to you girls.’  said Oprah to the 72 students during the event. The girls were all smile despite some of the traumatic hardships they’ve encountered like molestation, loss of a parent, divorce and violent crimes. The school open back in 2007 with a generous donation of $40 million for Oprah. Go inside to see more pics from the celebration.

Christina Aguilera Talks About Motherhood & Loving Her Curves

In Entertainment and Celebrity, Fashion and Style on January 20, 2012 at 3:00 pm
Marie Claire
The 31 year old singer and coach of the reality show The Voice looks striking on the February 2012 cover of Marie Claire which hits newstands this Tuesday (January 17th). See what the blonde bombshell had to say about loving her body and single motherhood.

christina aguilera
On her body: 
“I’ve been through my highs, I’ve been through my lows; I’ve been through the gamut of all things in this business. Being too thin. Being bigger. I’ve been criticized for being on both sides of the scale. It’s noise I block out automatically. I love my body. My boyfriend loooves my body. My son is healthy and happy, so that’s all that matters to me.”
On single motherhood:
“It’s hard not having the consistency of a partnership on a daily basis. It’s a struggle. But I can’t single out my ex-husband [as the problem] because he’s a devoted father and great with my son. We always make sure that we put Max first. I have help from family and good people around me in support of my career. I couldn’t do what I do without a strong team behind me.”
Read more at Marie Claire

Inspiration and Motivation: The Quote Of The Day

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Beauty is not about having a pretty face.  It’s about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart and a beautiful soul.

Iconic GIRL To Know: Kara Ross

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One of Kara Ross’s fondest memories of her childhood is a safari to Africa with her parents at the age of thirteen. To commemorate the trip, Kara’s parents allowed her to choose a native gemstone of her choice. When they returned to their home, Kara was told she could design and create a ring with the tourmaline she chose. After a trip to “Jeweler’s Row” in downtown Philadelphia, Kara decided to create a square cut ring on an 18 karat gold band with diamonds. “To know that I could create something wholly original at a young age really affected me.”
It was a concept that would guide her vision as a designer. After graduating from Georgetown University and a brief stint in advertising at Harper’s Bazaar, Kara became a certified gemologist. For many years, she used diamonds, pearls, and 18k gold to create one-of-a-kind custom pieces for private clients.
In 2003 she founded the company Kara Ross, which has rapidly grown from its origins in fine jewelry and is known for its bold and unique use of exotic skins and gemstones across several jewelry lines, handbags, and belts. The newest addition to the brand is the Kara Ross Gemstone Collection which debuted in fall 2010. Pieces from her various collections can be purchased at Bergdorf Goodman, Henri Bendel, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Net-A-Porter, Holt Renfrew, Harvey Nichols, Harrods and TSUM.
Kara’s pieces have been featured internationally in top fashion magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, W, and Elle. Celebrity fans include Kate Hudson, Hilary Swank, Cameron Diaz, Eva Mendes, Kate Beckinsale, Eva Longoria, Anne Hathaway, Demi Moore, Alicia Keyes, Oprah and Michelle Obama.

Are you an Iconic GIRL???

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Iconic GIRL To Know: Pebbles

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“Pebbles,” a childhood nickname, had an early brush with industry success in the early ’80s as a backup singer for percussionist/band leader Bill Summers and the funk outfit Con Funk Shun, helping to co-write “Body of Lover,” one of the band’s biggest hits. In 1987 she scored first breakthrough with Pebbles, her self-titled solo debut for MCA Records. “Pebbles” yielded a Platinum-plus album featuring the hits “Girlfriend” and “Mercedes Boy” (which Pebbles wrote), both Top Five Pop & #1 R&B smashes that became anthems around the world. These songs remain in heavy rotation across the globe. The videos for both songs, featuring Pebbles’ signature modern glam style, were in heavy rotation on MTV, VH1 and BET. During this time Pebbles married Antonio “LA” Reid, who would co-found LaFace Records with Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds.
In 1990 Pebbles released “Always,” a well-received set that included the Top Five hit “Giving You the Benefit,” “Always,” and “Love Makes Things Happen.” The latter song, featuring Babyface, was a Top 20 Pop & R&B hit and remains a Quiet Storm staple. In 1995 Pebbles delivered Straight from My Heart, which included a more mature sound and featured the singer’s collaborations with producers / songwriters Sean Combs, Kyle West, and Organized Noize.
Combined, these three albums sold more than six million copies worldwide, received a Grammy nomination and a list of other songwriting and performance awards for Pebbles. As an established artist Pebbles turned her attention to discovering and cultivating new musical talent.
Through Pebbitone, her production company, Pebbles transformed the music industry with her discovery and development of TLC, the #1 selling female group of all time. Under Pebbles’ guidance as a producer, director, marketing chief, and image maker, this Grammy-award winning super group recorded 1993’s quintuple platinum debut album Ooooh…On the TLC Tip, featuring the Top 10 hits “Baby, Baby, Baby,” “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” and “What About Your Friends.” In 1994, TLC released CrazySexyCool, which sold an unprecedented thirteen million albums and garnered the group its first Grammy for Best R&B Album.
In February 2011, Pebbles was named as the executive producer / host of Essence’s national R&B search. Among other prizes, the winner will be awarded the coveted opportunity to perform in the Superdome during the 2011 Essence Music Festival in New Orleans. This is an exciting opportunity for Pebbles because this project gives her a platform to do what she does best — discovering raw talent and collaborating with them to create superstars.

-via Pebbles 2 Day

Chanel Iman Glams Up In Couture Inspired Threads For Allure Magazine

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We didn’t think is was possible to squeeze all of our favorite designers like Fendi, Michael Kors, Donna KAren, Balenciaga and Dolce & Gabanna into one magazine spread but Allure Magazine made it possible with our favorite Victoria’s Secret model, Chanel Iman. The spread gives us the vintage vibe with a futuristic twist and spotlights some the of year’s hottest trends to come in 2012. Go inside to see the full spread of the fashions that will have you jonesing for the electrifying threads.