Get Glowing Skin With These Top 5 Beauty Recipes Using Coffee

In Beauty and Hair on December 28, 2011 at 1:25 am
A sip of coffee will not only make your day but also your evenings by adding beauty and glow to your face. The fragrant fried coffee beans are powdered and filtered with hot milk and sugar, will not only linger in your mouth but if used on skin and hair have its own natural effect. Take a look at the beauty recipes using coffee that will help you get the most aspired look in a jiff.

The beauty secrets using coffee indeed prove that they are best recipes for a better body care. Follow these instructions and have a wonderful day spa at home.

5. Coffee Manicure And Pedicure: The aromatic coffee powder is excellent in cleaning the cracked heels and black elbows. Rubbing the paste and massaging for a couple minutes will remove all the dirt in the area and make the skin smooth.

4. Coffee For Body Massage: Coffee when mixed with cocoa butter or normal butter will be an ideal massaging mixture. The beauty recipe blends well on skin and smoothens skin. Nourishes skin,moisturises and prevents wrinkles.

3. Coffee For Scalp: Coffee has many scalp benefits and is also good for hair. Its anti-oxidant properties prevents hair fall. Espresso coffee acts like a natural hair conditioner and makes hair soft and silky. Coffee decoction when mixed with henna gives a wonderful colour to hair. The paste is applied on hair and left to dry for nearly 2 hours. The natural colour causes no damage to the hair but adds shine, is long standing coat and quite effective.

2. Coffee Face Pack: Powdered coffee is combined with cocoa powder, milk and molasses. This pack help in elevating the saggy skin and tightening. Cleanses face and is no less an anti microbial cream.

1. Coffee For Face (scrub): Those with dry skin will get the maximum benefits as the coffee scrub exfoliates and revitalizes skin without making it further dry. Dryness leads to quick aging but coffee has anti aging properties that prevents these skin problems. 3 teaspoons of finely ground coffee is mixed with a teaspoon of milk and made into paste. The scrub is massaged all over the face in circular motion and left to dry, then washed with cold water. Pat the face dry and apply a moisturizer so that it locks all the moisture in skin.

Top 5 Beauty Recipes Using Coffee

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