Iconic GIRL To Know: Sue Tsai

In Iconic GIRLS on December 26, 2011 at 12:00 pm
Sue Tsai is a 24 year old designer born and raised in New York with a life long dedication to art and fashion. Her company started in 2007, Sue Tsai Designs has sold over 100,000 of her signature band bracelets and can be seen on many young celebrities today. 
Tsai has combined her love for fashion and a handful of tremendous talent to create an exceedingly fabulous one of a kind line. This high end exclusive collection features pieces in a wide selection of intricate 18k gold, sterling silver and mixed metal cuffs, oversized rings, elaborate earrings and her signature “Knotted Bracelets” all exuding vintage “glam-rock” elegance. Sue works with many of today’s top stylists and designs custom jewelry. Her creative talents and on-going entrepreneurial ventures have brought her to the next level in the fashion industry.
In November 2011 two exceedingly fabulous custom jewelry companies collaborated to showcase their elegant, fresh new line; LUX: The Fine Diamond Collection. With over five years of experience with custom jewelry, Sue Tsai and Julian Casimir & Co. provide their customers with an encounter filled with trust, elegance, luxury, quality designs, and attention to detail. Aside from the collection, LUX offers a variety of custom fine jewelry options from one of a kind engagement rings, bracelets, rings and necklaces. You can create the custom piece to of your dreams with the standards of 5th avenue quality at an attractive price. For inquiries on custom designs that you do not see available online, you can email Custom@the-lux-collection.com.

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