Preview Kelly Rowland & Jeanette Jenkins’ ‘Sexy Abs’ (VIDEO)

In Entertainment and Celebrity, Health on December 19, 2011 at 9:00 pm
Kelly Rowland and Jeanette Jenkins were seen on the scene earlier in the year filming scenes for their “Sexy Abs” video together. Kelly’s been known for her banging body for years in the game now, but she’s taking things to a whole new height with this workout video.
This 5 minute preview will have you wanting to hit the gym with Kelly Rowland and trainer Jeanette showing you all the right moves to get that sexy toned tummy.
The video’s description maintains that you will look better and be healthier with this instructional video. “This workout focuses on strengthening & lengthening all of the muscles of the Core so you feel sexy & look sexy. These exercises will also help decrease your risk of lower back pain. For more information or to purchase this workout go to http://www.thehollywoodtrainer.com”
Kelly has been a huge endorser of Jeanette Jenkins and her bikini boot camps, eating right while still living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and not being some crazed Hollywood dieter.
Check these two out in the 5 minute preview clip below. Looks like it will make a great gift!

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