Meryl Streep Lands Her First American Vogue Cover

In Entertainment and Celebrity on December 13, 2011 at 2:48 pm
Meryl Streep, who is starring in the new Margaret Thatcher biopic The Iron Lady, covers the January 2012 issue of Vogue. Streep, who of course played the thinly-veiled Anna Wintourcharacter in The Devil Wears Prada, was featured on the cover of Vogue Paris back in May 2010, but this marks her first time covering the US version. At 62, she is also the oldest Vogue cover model.
Annie Leibovitz shot the legendary actress wearing a look that Meryl Streep has made a signature–a collared shirt and full skirt. She looks natural and happy and glowing. And Anna’s apparently continuing her ocean theme which started with Charlize Theron on the December issue–the backdrop is a rocky coastline. (Ooh, and a Marc Jacobs feature inside the mag!)
According to an excerpt of the cover story released to the AP, Streep jokes that she’s the “oldest person” to cover Vogue (and we think there’s some truth to that). Streep opens up about her acting career–which she believed was over after she turned 40. That year she was offered three separate roles to play a witch. She believed it meant women in her age group were “grotesque on some level,” and told her husband “It’s over.”
It was far from over for Streep. Her issue of Vogue hits newsstands on December 20. What do you think of her cover?


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