Ivanka Does It Trump Style With Her New Jewelry Boutique!! (PHOTOS)

In Entertainment and Celebrity, Fashion and Style on December 7, 2011 at 2:00 pm
Ivanka Trump moved her jewelry boutique from New York’s busy Madison Ave to the trendy streets of Soho last week and when a Trump does it, we know they always do it real big.  Donald Trump’s daughter heads up a two story boutique about three times the size of her former flagship and it’s much more than your run of the mill jewelry store. Not only will the space showcase shoes, handbags, apparel and eventually watches, in addition to fine jewelry, the boutique will play double duty with a bridal bar featured on the upper level.
The store used black, white, and coral as its main interior colors and incorporated a tasteful amount of crystal with its glittering Schonbek chandelier. The stingray display cases featured in the shop is the perfect touch to showcase Trump’s classy collection. Despite its massive square footage, the design aesthetic of the space is pleasantly inviting and not off-putting like other high end boutiques. 
As if the large space and fancy lighting wasn’t enough, to top it all off Ivanka has instituted champagne Saturdays, when couples are encouraged to look through the cases and scope out the conflict-free bridal bar upstairs. We can’t be mad at anything that involves champagne and diamonds!
Check out the gallery below to see pictures from the store’s beautiful interior!


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