Beauty Report: Snakeskin Manicure

In Beauty and Hair on December 6, 2011 at 12:00 pm
Snakeskin Manicure Snake Print Nails DIY
Are you just as amped to discover the latest manicure design as we are? Using Fab Fatale‘s dashing technique to create the snakeskin manicure should be put on your to-do-list asap! These nails are incredible hot and more than that, clever, fashionable and fly. Wave goodbye to those artless, boring nails and score fashion points with this custom design. 

To get the snakeskin manicure:
Start with a clear base coat followed by two coats of white polish. This layer doesn’t have to be perfect, as we’ll be sponging and stamping over it. Try China Glaze Snow.
Paint a small amount of polish on a sponge. Cut a corner out of a kitchen sponge. A medium brown works best so that it is a shade that contrasts against the light white and dark black. Try Essie Case Study.
Sponge on a thin layer of the brown polish allowing some of the base color to show through.
Using a stamping kit, stamp on the snake pattern. Try Bundle Monster image plate 215 and Konad black polish. You want to get the design all the way to the edges of your nails, so don’t worry about getting the polish on your fingers. It’s easy to clean up.
To avoid smearing the design, allow the pattern to dry for a few minutes before applying a clear quick dry top coat.
Using a short nail art brush and nail polish remover, clean the polish off your fingers and cuticles.

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