New Genius Ideas For Your Old Makeup

In Beauty and Hair on December 2, 2011 at 7:00 pm
If you are like me, you have a ton of half used lipsticks lying around in various makeup bags and drawers. Compacts, mascaras, and eyeshadows are tucked in various purses as well. Yet, when that new shade you just have to have comes out, you run to the store to buy it. But, what about all those expensive lipsticks and shadows you still have? You don’t want to throw them out. So, what should you do?
Create a lipstick palette
Its’ so easy and its actually what professional makeup artists do. All you need is a piece of floss, your old lipsticks, a tube of gloss, Vaseline, and a palette. You can order this one from Sephora for only $5.
So, here is what you do.
1. Cut the top of your old lipsticks by using a piece of floss to snap off the top. Put the color into a compartment of the container.
2. Repeat with other colors, a gloss, and vaseline for clear shine.
3. To apply, use a lipstick brush or a lipliner that has a brush on one end. (Chanel lipliners always come with a brush.)
4. Mix lipstick colors on the top of your hand to create your own customized shade.
You really cannot keep old mascara because it gets contaminated. However, you can clean off the mascara wands with eye makeup remover and alcohol and use them as eyebrow brushes.
Make your eyeshadows into a liquid eyeliner.
Clean the eyeshadows with alcohol removing the top layer of powder.
Dip a slanted brush into water, then into the shadow. Brush the color across the lash line for a new shimmery liner.
If your blush is cracked, put it into a container with a lid. With the end of the screwdriver, try to mash up the blush until it becomes a loose powder. Dust the powder over your cheeks for an extra glow.
Mix the cracked powder with some clear lip balm and make a cream blush.
While fun to recycle makeup, be sure to clean everything well with alcohol especially eye makeup. Enjoy your “new” makeup and please share more of your favorite uses for old makeup!

-via Hybrid Her

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