How to Dress Like an Heiress Even if Your Dad’s not a Billionaire

In Fashion and Style on December 1, 2011 at 1:00 pm
It used to be that the luxury brands were only for the super-rich. Normal folks could salivate over magazine pictures of their favorite celebs but owning the hot clothes and accessories they wore was usually out of the question.
Well, the Internet is starting to change that. That’s because new online merchandising methods are making previously unaffordable items affordable.
One of the best of these new online shopping destinations is called HauteLook. The site, which is owned by leading department store Nordstrom, has managed to take the best aspects of different retail models and blend them all together. Think of combining the eclectic and unique styles of your local high-end boutique with the quality and workmanship of the best global brands, and topping it off with the irresistibly low prices of the most spectacular annual sales.
And that means that clothing and accessories which you probably thought you could never afford to own are now within your grasp.
How do they do it?
HauteLook sets up limited time sales of high end products from a huge variety of interesting brands, from high end European fashion houses to the hottest new designers from NY and LA. Each of these sales is carefully planned to include some of the best and newest styles. Everything from women’s apparel to accessories, beauty, home, men’s, travel and a lot more. The merchandise from each brand is lovingly displayed on the site along with everything you need to know about each product.
Each morning at 8 a.m. PST, a selection of new sales events start and each sale runs for about 48 hours. Prices are up to 75% off what you would pay for the same item in the store.
So, how can they offer these kinds of discounts? Firstly, top brands are willing to work withHauteLook because they don’t have the overhead of retail distribution on these sales. They also reach new customers who will continue to buy the brand again if they love the product.
Of course, designer brands can’t afford to make huge quantities of their best products available at these prices – so the quantities offered are limited. In fact, they frequently sell out before the end of the sale. That’s why HauteLook requires customers to first become a member of the site, and these private sales are then made available only to their members.
And now they’re even offering fabulous trips. They call them HauteLook Getaways, and they’re exclusive values on hotels and travel experiences around the world, at prices up to 60 percent off. You just confirm your dates and rate and they will take care of the rest. All you have to do is show up at your destination and relax like a rock star.
And in the unlikely event you aren’t happy with you purchase, HauteLook makes returning an item easy. You can send anything back for any reason and get a full refund – it’s that simple.
While you still may not be able to sport a brand new pair of sunglasses and purse every, single time you go out (like some people!), HauteLook will make it a lot easier to look like a million dollars.
It takes just seconds to sign up and membership is completely free.
-via How Life Works/ image via We Heart It

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