Upgrade Your Style: 12 Ways To Tie A Scarf

In Fashion and Style on November 28, 2011 at 11:00 am
how to tie a scarf
Stumped for creative ways to tie your neck scarves? Try these tips!
♥1. Yellow Scarf: Add a corsage to spice up your scarf.
♥2. Pink and Purple Scarf: Use an infinity scarf as a shawl.
♥3. Lime Green Scarf: Fold your scarf in half, put the middle around your neck. Wrap the sides around your neck and back through the loop you made in front of your neck.
♥4. Geometric silk scarf: Add a chain to your smaller scarves with safety pins for a creative chic look.
♥5. Turquoise Tassel Scarf: Tie a loose knot and let your scarf fall like a large necklace.
♥6. Black and White Scarf: Take a chunky scarf and wrap it around your shoulders. Tie a bow.
♥7. Pink Scarf: Wrap a belt around your scarf for a vest-like feel.
♥8. Green Pashmina: Tie two corners of your scarf around your neck. Take the remaining two corners and tie them around your waist for a halter-top effect.
♥9. Coral Scarf: Tie a knot towards the bottom of your scarf.
♥10. Yellow Soft Scarf: Check out this video to see how to braid a scarf.
♥11. Black and White Leopard Scarf: Wrap a scarf around your waist to create a belt.
♥12. Yellow and Purple Scarf:What’s better than one scarf? Two!
-via scarves
  1. Wow!! Definitely buying more scarfs now due to these great ideas. Printing this page and keeping it by my nightstand. Excellent post. Thanks! 🙂

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