Is Pippa Middleton Writing a Book on How to Party?

In Entertainment and Celebrity on November 7, 2011 at 11:00 am
Pippa Middleton has already been called a socialite, fashion icon and subject of Justin Timberlake’s crush.
Now, Kate Middleton’s little sis may be adding author to her resume.Pippa is reportedly meeting with publishers about penning her own book for a hefty $1.6 million dollar paycheck. So what would this tome be about, and does she have any writing experience?

Supposedly, it’s a proposed guide on how to plan to the perfect party, including proper etiquette and how to decorate for a bash, and according to Britain’s Telegraph, the royal sis has already met twice with executives from HarperCollins, as well as other publishing houses.
In addition to attending many VIP and high-profile events herself, it turns out Pippa has some credentials, as she’s an editor for the The Party Times, an online party-planning blog for her parents’ company. The site includes recipes, theme ideas and a monthly newsletter packed full of entertaining tips.
But Pippa wouldn’t be penning it all alone. A source told the Sunday Times she would be offered some literary assistance.
“Pippa is very serious about the project and has been going to meet publishers personally,” the paper reports. “Pippa hasn’t signed a contract yet but I don’t think it will be far off. She is a good writer but I expect she would be offered the services of an experienced ghost writer.”
A royal spokesperson had no comment, saying they don’t represent Kate’s sister and therefore couldn’t comment. A rep for HarperCollins, the publishing house she’s supposedly in talks with, didn’t immediately return request for comment.
If Pippa does publish a party-planning guide, would you buy it?
(spotted at Eonline)
photo credit: Zimbio

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