The Best Tips On How To Enjoy The Weekend Under $20

In Living on November 3, 2011 at 11:00 am
It’s Friday night and you’re ready for this weekend. Unfortunately, you reached into your wallet only to find a $20 bill, and nothing more. “Bummer”, you probably think. You’d actually be quite wrong. These days, the economy is pulling everyone under and businesses understand this. Since they would and will do anything and everything to keep you with them, there are some major deals going on. You just have to know where to look!
Since we are not all cookie cut molds of each other, I’ve decided to make this article decently lengthy. Don’t worry though, it is cut into sections based on the kind of weekend you’re looking for! Let’s stretch this twenty.
The Weekend Out
Even if you’re old enough, the club is pretty much out of the question. Though, you might be able to get a cab there. Here are some cheaper alternatives:
– Go shopping…even if it’s window shopping. Hit up your local mall & have a walk around, grab a smoothie.
– Get a manicure – no french tips, but if you really want to spend some of that cash, you should be able to grab one for $10 or so.
– Go see a matinee! You WILL be amazed at how much you’re saving by seeing a movie earlier in the day. You can sometimes still see flicks for as little as $4. Just grab a snack at your local gas station to save that extra dough. 😉
– Have a party at your home (bring the weekend out to you), and have the guests bring the food & drinks. You can spend a little on setting up! All you need is some good music and friends.
-Go to a park or local river. Watch the stars…have a picnic. Do things that we only hear about happening traditionally. We are usually so wrapped up in our technological lives that we forget the simple things in life.
– Get a tarot/palm reading! You can surely get a quick one.
– Drop in at a local class. You can check Meetup.com or your local stores for group meetings. There are drop in meditation, yoga, or any kind of classes you may be into. Call around, they may even be free.
– Go Go-Karting and do some mini-golfing.

The Lazy Weekend
Sometimes we just feel like a ‘me’ weekend. That’s perfect, especially when you only have twenty bucks! You can still have a little fun at home though:
– Order Netflix or go grab a movie at your local movie store.
– Give yourself a mani/pedi
– Play some old video/computer games & listen to old music that reminds you of years ago.
– Get a $5 pizza and some ice cream
– Catch up on your reading and scope out the latest magazines.
– Learn something new.
– Read blogs and catch up by browsing on Youtube for the latest funny videos and shocking stuff.
– Blog and write yourself. It’s good therapy and sometimes, it can lead to other wonderful ideas.
– Paint, draw, play some music. Even if it’s not your element, break out of your daily routine. Switch things up a bit.
The Girls Weekend
We all need them. The awesome Girls Weekends. Kick the boys and men out, it’s time for some chick flicks and delicious indulgences…on a budget of course: 
– Again with the mani/pedis, you really can’t go wrong.
– Everyone brings their favorite movie
– Go out to dinner, it doesn’t have to be fancy!
– Make drinks and dinner at home, everyone pitches in
– Watch old videos and go through old photos
– Go to a local festival or downtown fair
– Local music shows are usually pretty inexpensive
– Go see a chick flick that he won’t see with you
The Love Birds Weekend
We all need some time with our significant other, but sometimes that can get pretty expensive. Here are a few ways you can relax without stressing: 
– As always, movies are awesome
– Play a video game he chooses, or agree to play if you can pick one to rent
– Sit in and watch each others shows. You’ll watch football if he watches Wife Swap.
– Go to a park & swing. Yes, like children.
– Walk to an ice cream shop…don’t even think about that car with the air conditioning.
– Go on a long drive through the back roads. In the city? Explore a part you’ve never been to together.
– Dedicate a “date” day for the weekend where you’re all about only each other. Massages, cuddling, movies, eating, and everything in between – completely together. 
So now you have a few ideas on how you can spend that $20 (or save it!). If you’re not really looking for activities, but more of some shopping ideas here are some great things you can always grab for under twenty bucks:
Shopaholic Weekend
– Groceries…okay, lame – but so true!
– Go to a local thrift store/resale craft festival. Check around and read your newspapers, they are listed generally everywhere.
– Get some new body lotion/spray
– Browse Ebay and Etsy.com for hand-made goodies 
– Get some new makeup
– That CD you don’t want to buy but you really, really want? Grab it
– Go buy a new book, it will keep you occupied for sure
Though there are plenty of other solutions for spending (or saving) twenty dollars, these few were some of the bigger ideas for most anyone to use. You can make a little money go a long way with the right resources.

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