Single in the City: Top 10 Cities for Single Women

In Living on October 26, 2011 at 9:22 am
For single women, finding a place to call home can be a huge challenge. There’s the ratio of single men to women to consider, the job market, cost of living, and of course, the number of cute boutiques and restaurants. So with so many requirements, we’ve picked out the top 10 cities that let single women have it all. Well, almost all.

10. New York, New York:
The Big Apple has its fair share of detractors and champions. The pros? Plenty of single-women friendly activities – like sample sales, cultural attractions, nightlife, and restaurants that cater to solo diners. But there are also the drawbacks, including a rollercoaster dating scene, exorbitantly high cost of living, and fact that there are more single women here than men — 200,000 more to be exact in the New York City tri-state area. Of course, if your idea of living the high life includes a Sex and the City-urban lifestyle, there are countless reasons why single women continue to flock here. But before you call the moving van, why not plan a girlfriend getaway weekend. 
9. Austin, TX
Great job prospects and low cost of living coupled with the fact that single men now outnumber women by a ratio of 106 to every 100, make Austin our number nine choice. With plenty of restaurants, nightlife and single people moving here by the droves, this laid-back Texas town is always voted one of the top places to live. Of course, there is a downside. With no major museums, the city takes a beating in the cultural department, but the thriving music scene should more make up for that.
8. Boston, MA
With it’s parks, prestigious universities, and historic streets, there’s something about Boston that we can’t get enough of. And when it comes to culture, Bean Town simply can’t be beat. We’re talking live theater, classical music, and some of the best museums (over 23 and counting) in the country. And did we mention the shopping? Newbury Street is a treasure trove of designer finds and the new Barney’s in Copley Square hasn’t hurt this city’s chances with women. The drawbacks? The cost of living is still too high for comfort and due to the collegial setting, some of the single residents are a bit younger than one might hope.
7. Madison, WI
With so many awards to its credit, Madison is still surprisingly often overlooked. With small town charm and a forward-thinking cultured population, single women will find it an ideal place to work, study, and go out. As one of the greenest cities in the country, eco-conscious women will find plenty of like-minded conservationists. And it’s also been voted top city for starting a business, so budding entrepreneurs take note.
6. Denver, CO
For single women who prefer to walk a mile in hiking shoes rather than in a pair of 3-inch stilettos, Denver is the perfect town for active, sporty gal on the go. Natural scenery, fresh mountain air, and plenty of outdoor activities make this city extremely appealing. Add into this heady mix a large population of eligible single men, low cost of living, and a booming job market and you might just have found your new place to call home.
5. Raleigh, NC
It seems Raleigh isn’t only good for your love life, it’s also good for your bottom line. Voted one of the best cities for women entrepreneurs and with plenty of jobs and a low cost of living, single women don’t have to give up the good life to make ends meet. With all the charm of a small Southern town and a newly developed downtown area that offers all the perks of big city living, this is one city you won’t want to fly by.
4. Vancouver, BC
Okay, so it’s not technically in the United States, but with so much going for this Canadian gem we couldn’t help but include it on this list. As one of the world’s most naturally gifted cities, Vancouver is surrounded by water on three sides and is overlooked by a majestic mountains range. The climate is also one of the mildest in Canada, so if you’re worried about freezing, rest assured you’ll be fine. While living in the bustling downtown area can get expensive, doing so allows residents immediate access to some of the best dining, nightlife, and entertainment in the world.
3. San Diego, CA
With an almost ideal climate tailor made for bikers, hikers, and beach goers, it’s no surprise that California’s second largest city continues to be a draw for single women in search of the good life. Most recently, the city won the award for the best dog town in the US, which means that this town isn’t only good for single women but also their best friend. Of course, women can’t live on canine companionship alone, so when it comes to the single scene, San Diego is also consistently voted in the top 10.
2. Alexandria, VA
If the Ladies Home Journal approves, then so do we. Consistently voted one of the best cities for women, Alexandria earned this well-deserved recognition by providing a charming riverfront location, historic areas, and cute shops and restaurants that have women lining up to live here. Alexandria is also top in job growth and some of the best child care in the country. Now if that isn’t a complete package, we don’t know what is.
1. Chicago, IL
Coming in at number one on our list, Chicago is the ideal city for women. A vibrant metropolis lifestyle with none of the attitude of New York City, Chi Town offers culture, history, and natural beauty in a warm Midwest setting. Welcoming, friendly, with some of the best cultural institutions in the country, Chicago is the kind city you’ll never want to leave. With beaches and plenty of trendy neighborhoods (think shops, top restaurants, and jazz clubs), single women love the convenience of living here. And if it’s good enough for Oprah Winfrey (the ultimate champ of single women), you know it’s good enough for you.


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