10 Rules To Traveling Light & Stress Free

In Living on October 25, 2011 at 4:08 am
Traveling light has some big advantages: no lugging heavy suit cases, no waiting at the baggage collection since you took your baggage as hand luggage and no guilt about not wearing half the stuff you packed.
1) Pick Your Travel Locations Strategically
Chose to travel to hot countries, or to countries in the height of their summer – this way you need far fewer clothes and the clothes that you do wear will be lighter and therefore faster drying
2) Only Pack Clothes that Can Be Hand-Washed
Be prepared to hand wash all of your clothes. You can use regular soap for this. Not all countries have readily available launderettes (some places only do service washes which require a day’s wait which isn’t always possible).
3) Consider Fabric Types and Drying Times
Silk and light polyester can be hand washed with regular soap and will both dry within four hours. Avoid jeans (or take one pair but wear and wash them rarely – ie: in overly air-conditioned airports) and heavy cotton or wollen fabrics. Synthetic fibers are usually faster drying.
4) Three Day’s Worth of Clothes Should Last You Three Months
You only need one pair of shorts, two tops, a light dress and a bikini. Take three pairs of underwear. Wash the clothes you wore that day each night. Remember, this list includes the clothes that you’re wearing when you leave. Small black umbrellas also come in pretty handy for shade and for downpours.
5) Don’t Carry Your Shoes, Wear Them
You only need one pair of black flip flops or sandals that are comfortable to walk in. This way you don’t need any socks and you certainly shouldn’t be filling half your bag up with walking boots, heels, riding boots and every other type of shoes that you think you could possibly need. You can do anything in black flip-flops.
6) Buy and Use a Small 20-25 Liter Bag
Make a rule that you will only carry what you can fit in that bagand that bag alone. Anything extra gets given away or thrown out. For comfort reasons it should be a padded backpack preferably with some airflow for your back.
7) Buy Liquids Upon Arrival
Believe it or not, they sell toothpaste and shampoo in every country.Avoid hassle at the airport by buying liquids when you land.
8) Bring a Big Scarf
Big scarfs are extremely useful. You can wear it as a sarong on the beach, a headscarf for visiting religious buildings, a blanket when the air-con on the plane is too cold, a shawl for when the temperature drops in the evening, a makeshift blind to block the sun or even a long skirt if you feel like you need more coverage at any time.
9) Bring or Buy a Big Roll of Tooth Floss
This can be used as a washing line if there’s nowhere else to hang your clothes. It comes in useful for all sorts of things – as well as flossing your teeth!
10) Get Your Makeup Down to the Bare Basics
Lip balm, mascara, concealer and blush are all most women need to look ‘made-up’ even when going out. The rest is just extra weight, and is also likely to be confiscated at airports.
Remember: This is not the most luxurious way to travel, but it is the most freeing and the least stressful.

(spotted at Glamour Underground)

  1. I love the big scarf idea 🙂 I always do that when I travel on summer holidays! However most of my travels are back and forth from Italy to Scotland during winter times… which is sooo difficult because most things are heavy, from boots to jumpers and the limit on luggage weight is always too little no matter how much it is! The amount of money I have given to air companies, in particular low cost ones like Ryan air, is crazy! But oh well.. I'm definitely planning on moving to somewhere warm and wear a bikini all day long next year! ;P

  2. These are 10 excellent travel tips. When I go away for personal trips I follow these rules… Unfortunately I have a 2 week business trip that I need to have 1-2 outfits for everyday. I have written out a list of the days activities and carefully detailed each outfit. I also did a trial pack and tried on every outfit. I leave Friday and my cases are packed. Being organised and prepared are crucial to a smooth trip.

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