The Best Earrings For Your Face Shape

In Fashion and Style, Living on October 10, 2011 at 7:40 am
Many times we give considerable thought and attention to finding the perfect earrings to highlight our attire but we often neglect the importance of selecting earrings that will go best with our face shape.  While this may seem like such a small detail to focus on, your selection can make or break an outfit.

Oval Shape Face (like Kelly Clarkson)

Oval shaped faces look best with earrings that widen and balance the face.  Hoops and larger oval shaped earrings woek very well, as so studs and round shapes.  Avoid long, dangling earrings as they pull the face shape downward, lengthening it further.

Try these earrings:
Claire Fong Tri-Anything Red Leather Earrings
Claire Fong Tri-Anything Red Leather Earrings from LuLu’s 

Round Shaped Face (like Cameron Diaz)

Round shaped faced look best with earings that create balance.  Large earrings with angular shapes, wide dangling types and any that add length will soften the curves of a round face.  Avoid tiny earrings as they can get lost with a round face and hairstyle.

Try these earrings:

Silver Moon Disc Earrings from All The Rage

Heart Shaped Face (like Jennifer Lopez)

A heart shaped face looks best with earrings that balance at the cheekbones.  Select large earrings that have an angular flare, oval shaped or dangles with a large object at the bottom.  Avoid hoops and circular shaped or short earrings.

Try these earrings:
LAST ONE brass drop earrings NO. 1
Brass drop earrings from Etsy


Triangular Shaped Face (like Holly Robinson- Pete)

A triangular shaped face looks best with small circular earrings that dangle.  Earrings with curves will soften the angles of a triangular face as well.  Avoid earrings that come to a point as they can call attention to a pointed chin.
Try these earrings:
Image 1 of ASOS Metal Zip Knot Stud Earring
Metal Zip Knot Stud Earring from ASOS

Remember to dress for the occasion and match the style of the earrings with the clothing you wear!
  1. great tips, love that first pair!

  2. U have a very stylish blog!I love danglers in earrings…. as I have a wide face…. so I guess it helps in elongating it!!!Following you now!Do visit my bloghttp://indianbeautyblog.blogspot.com/

  3. whatever do i am so clueless about the shape of my face. everytime i read about a shape, i feel i am that!!! lol

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