Iconic GIRL Spotlight: SheRea

In Iconic GIRLS on September 17, 2011 at 2:37 pm
If you’ve paid attention of our Iconic Girl features, you’ll know that we are all about celebrating femininity, beauty and strength. Whether curvy or thin, tall or short, we encourage every woman to walk with their head held high and embrace the powerhouse that she is (flaws and all). This time around, we have our eyes on a beautiful young woman that has encompassed the true meaning of an Iconic GIRL.  Meet SheRea.  A 19 year old native of the U.S. Virgin Islands and certified woman with style, flair and pizazz.  Back when she was just a young lady in high school, she knew that she was a valuable young woman and understood the true meaning of self love and self esteem.

SheRea has a love for vintage fashion that she has transferred over into her personal style.  “My high school friends do not understand how my style has changed.  They see my love for vintage and they think of “grandma”.  However, in my heart and in the mirror, I see a fabulous woman.”  She took her passion even further and created My Thrifted Closet, a personal blog dedicated to her unique fashion sense and thrifted finds. “I love to see what other people are wearing.  I got so interested in other bloggers and blogs I thought, hey, I should start a blog.  I mean I dress fairly ok and I take pictures all the time…why not!”
In addition to sharing her fondness of modest and economical finds, SheRea is pursing her Bachelor’s degree at Wake Forest University majoring in Communication with a concentration in Media Studies, minoring in Theatre and Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise (Whew! That’s a mouthful).  With such an abundance of school work and a desire to succeed, SheRea never forgets to appreciate the simple things in life and the people that seek to see her succeed. SheRea says, “Life would be nothing without beautiful and wonderful people to share it with. I am blessed to wake up laughing and smiling because I am just that happy.  It’s the best feeling in the world.”  There is one person that has always motivated her to march to the beat of her own drum. “My mom definitely molded me into the woman that I am today.  I can tell her anything and everything and she is one of my best friends.”
Whether it’s style, confidence, motivation or self admiration…..SheRea’s got it. Out to make a lasting impression in the world, we are happy to proclaim her as an Iconic GIRL!

Visit SheRea at:
I believe that every woman is unique, beautiful and inspiring in her own special way!  Would you like to be spotlighted on The Iconic GIRL?  Just send an email to iconicgirlblog@gmail.com with your bio and you could be our next feature!!!
  1. I love thrift store shopping. It's one of my favorite pastimes. Great outfits. <3xoxohttp://thesexylittleblog.blogspot.com/

  2. you've got a great blog! thanks for emailing me about this blog. I am definitely following :)nataliehttp://lucyandtherunaways.blogspot.com

  3. hey love!! thanks so much for this feature. I promoted it on my blog so I hope I send some folks your way.

  4. Hey gurl ! You r looking good ! Thanks for ur e-mail, I'm following you !

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