15 Qualities Your Boyfriend Should Posses

In Living on September 7, 2011 at 6:48 am
Many men have a hard time figuring out what a women truly wants in a relationship.  And while each of us have our dream of what our perfect guy will be like, we essentially want a healthy and long lasting relationship. Here are some of my qualities I think every man should possess.

1. Confidence– A shy man is not sexy.
2. Financial Stable- We love men that can provide for their families.
3. Sense of humor- There’s nothing like a man that can make you laugh without being too immature.
4. Commitment- His heart and soul should belong to you.
5. Honesty- We don’t like liars or lame excuses.
6. Friendship- The base to any great relationship.
7. Intelligent– An educated man is a huge turn on. 
8. Spontaneous- Always open for spur of the moment things: last minute weekend getaway, host a party, mountain climbing.  Anything to keep the relationship exciting and fun.
9. Affectionate– Whether we cooks dinner, send flowers or send a quick “thinking about you” text, every woman should feel loved.
10. Supportive– Your man should be your biggest cheerleader and always support of  your personal and career goals. 
11. Spiritual- A family that prays together stays together
12. Protective- A woman should feel safe and protected 
13. Independent- No mama’s boys please.
14. Family Oriented– A man’s family should always be is #1 priority.
15. Romantic: Your guys should always find the time to remind you of how special you are; no matter how busy is schedule is.
Are your top qualities listed?

  1. sounds like the perfect man, which is almost impossible to find! Mine has a couple on that list, lol.

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