Hosting a Summer Dinner Party

In Living on August 17, 2011 at 3:10 am
With the summer season coming to an end,  there is no better time than to gather your all of your gal (and guy)   besties for a fabulous summer dinner party.  Or maybe you want to welcome your new neighbor to the neighborhood with a great meal.  You may have even decided to entertain some very important clients in hopes of gaining their business.  Whatever you motive, a dinner party is a great way to enjoy the weekend with good eats, amazing beats and a blast of fun. Here are some great tips to assure that your dinner party is a success!

1. Cocktails- Start with a great cocktail.  Cocktails are a great icebreakers and conversation starters. At dinner, be sure to pair your meal with a great wine.

2. Will your guest are are mingling and enjoying their cocktails, keep plenty of “conversation foods handy.  Nuts, olives, cheese and crackers and perfect options.  You don’t want everyone to fill up before dinner. 

3. Music- Be sure to full your Ipod with a array of tunes that all of your guest can enjoy.

4. Design or buy a beautiful centerpiece and small accents pieces to have on display.  Candles and flowers and always a chic and frugal choice!

5.  Opt to serve dinner buffet style.  This is option allows everyone to pick and choose what goes on there plate and your guest don’t feel obligated to eat something that they don’t want.

6. If possible, host your party outdoors.  The backyard, deck and rooftop are great places to host.  Lanterns,  tiki torches and string lights can be fun and informal but still very elegant and chic! 


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