Get The Pefect Mani and Pedi…At Home!

In Beauty and Hair, Living on August 1, 2011 at 12:43 pm
Ok ladies…we all that a great mani and pedi is a necessity during the warm summer months but some of us don’t have the luxury of going to the salon every week. I’ve got some great tips to achieve the perfect nail salon experience…from home! 

1. Remove any old nail polish.  Try not to use a remover with acetone; it can be damaging to you nails.

2. Cut your nails with a nail clipper and trim with a filer. Be sure not to cut to short; you should be able to see the white tip. When filing, use short, gently stokes in one direction. Dragging the file back and forth is also harmful.
3. Buff your nails but remember not to buff too much or you will weaken the nails. 
4. Soak your nails in warm (not hot) soapy water.  This helps to soften you cuticles as well as loosen any dirt from under the nail.
5. After drying, apply a cuticle cream and gently push back cuticles with a cuticle stick (orange stick). NEVER cut your cuticles!
6. Next, apply your favorite lotion of cream to hands and feet.  Be sure to remove any product from the nails before polishing.
7. Cover nails with a base coat or nail harder; grab you favorite polish and paint away!   Be sure to press gently so the bristles spread out a into a neat curve.  

8.  Finish with a clear top coat and your done!

Beautiful, well maintained nails can be accomplished right in your own home and not to mention, less damaged  to your wallet! 

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