LaLa Anthony Is Back With "Full Court Life"

In Entertainment and Celebrity on July 26, 2011 at 6:57 pm
LaLa Anthony gets ready to head back into the world of reality TV with her new VH1 show titled “LaLa’s Full Court Life”, a spin off from her previous show “LaLa’s Full Court Wedding”.  While most people said that her previous reality show lacked in ratings,  I actually enjoyed seeing something on VH1 that did not consist of name calling, drinks being thrown, hair pulling or any other foolish activities.

Excerpt from Vh1.com:
After seven years of dating, three years of being engaged, and 3 ½ years of raising their son together, NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony and TV personality La La Vazquez finally tied the knot on the recent VH1 hit La La’s Full Court Wedding. The lovable couple is back again for ten all new half-hour episodes to follow what life is really like for a newlywed celebrity couple trying to have it all. La La is always on the go — whether she’s working in Hollywood, caring for her family, or dealing with the successes and struggles of being married to an NBA superstar…who is about to be traded.
LaLa’s show is set to premiere on Monday, August 22nd.


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