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Within the last few years, Ambrosia has made quite a name for herself.  From having one of the most beloved hair/beauty channels on You Tube to marking her spot in the bloggers world, it’s only right that she became the next Iconic GIRL feature!  Topics like hair care guidiance, makeup pointers and her fashion opinions,  Ambrosia’s has a way of relating with her viewers as if she’s one of your girls. There’s something to admire about a woman who eludes confidence, style and finesse. She is leaving a lasting impression all while shining in her own spotlight.   Check out what Ambrosia has to say on her fashion inspirations, skin care, her favorite go to looks and much more!

Iconic GIRL: How long have you been blogging and making You Tube videos? 
Ambrosia: I have been making YouTube videos since late 2007.  I was blogging around 2003 about life matters and a bit of fashion.  I got more into fashion/beauty/life blogging back in 08. And as of 2010 I have tried to make it a habit of blogging a few times a week if not daily.
IG: In your You Tube videos, your fashion sense is always on point. In my opinion, you are a natural hair muse, style inspiration and makeup genius!  Where do you draw your fashion sense from? 
A: Why thank you! *smiles* My fashion sense is usually very laid back for the most part, quite chic.  To name one celebrity that I can usually pull style inspiration from is Nicole Richie, I adore her look;  she piles on jewelry and usually is seen in very laid back airy pieces.   I think the sexiest thing ever is to wear something loose fitted & then leave the rest to the imagination.
IG: Speaking of being a makeup genius, how to you care for your skin and what are your makeup essentials? 
 A: I keep my skin care routine pretty simple.  I definitely try not to get caught in the hype of products.  My staple skin care products is anything from the Queen Helene brand, I have never broken out from using a Queen Helene product.  My make-up essentials, something that I have to have in my make-up bag at all times is definitely the E.L.F tone correcting concealer, I use that to bring out the shape of my eyebrows, to conceal under my eyes, and around my mouth at times to make my bright lipsticks POP!  At all time’s I have a nude lipstick on me, even for those no make-up days, If I’m going to grab coffee in the morning, or just going to run errands, I like to apply a nice nude color just to appear to be a bit polished.
IG: What is one cosmetic/hair product that you absolutely can not live without? 
 A: When it comes to hair products I really cant choose 1 product that I can’t live without. Since being natural I have found that it is so easy to improvise, like.. it definitely is possible to go without one thing and use something else that will give you a similar affect.  When it comes to hair the only thing that I couldn’t live without is my spray bottle filled with H20 and a few drops of oil.  I have been using my E.L.F. tone correcting concealer for over a year now, during those times where I didn’t have time to get to a store to purchase more, I just felt so lost and incomplete without it.  I think that is an excellent product to be totally addicted to being that it is only $1!
IG: What do you consider your fashion style to be?
A: Simple, Boho Chic
IG: What are your favorite go to looks? 
A: I stock up on basics like jeggings,leggings, v-necks, off shoulder tops & cardi’s.  My favorite go to look is comfortable! ha!
IG: For many who have watched your videos from the beginning days, it’s known that you have not always rocked natural hair.  What sparked the change from relaxed to natural? 
A: I had a really bad reaction to a relaxer back in 2007, I told my mom that I would never relax again after that incident.   I had no idea what I was doing, I just knew that I was no longer going to put my scalp through the drama.  
IG: You mentioned that you are a BCBG stylist.  What is your favorite perk as a fashion couturier?
A: My favorite perk is definitely being able to have a first look at whats going to be sold in store.  Of course my employee discount is FAB, and I also enjoy being able to have styling sessions, which basically means I can try on anything and everything before hand! 
IG: Where are your favorite places that you like to shop? 
A: Urban Outfitters, Forever21 (I have a love-hate relationship with F21) BCBG, And local boutiques here in the AZ Valley
IG: What is your hottest accessory of the moment? 

A: Feathers & Fringes!  Whether they’re in my hair, around my neck or on my purse!  I love it

IG: Take us through a day in the life of Ambrosia: 

 A: I wake up around 5:30am every morning, take my dog out, shower and all of that good stuff and get dressed for the day.  I usually pick up a Green Tea latte from Starbucks and then head to the office.  From the office it’s BCBG all night, and then I’m back at home.  I fill my day up with work, I like productivity. And when I’m not doing anything, I usually feel useless.

IG: What kind of things can your fans and subscribers except in the future (new videos, websites, projects, etc)?

A: I have actually been working on a few things, I won’t go into detail but I am working on some cosmetics/hair care product ideas as well as an online accessory boutique ( aside from my previous business Crochet Love )  

Ok…so every time I do an interview, I like to throw in some random Q&A’s just for fun! So, here goes:
IG: What would be the first thing you would do if today was your last day?
A:  Have all of my family around with lots of food and just laugh & eat!
IG: What is the last movie you saw?
A: “I Spit On Your Grave”.  Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am a sucker for Horror/Thriller flicks! This is a very gruesome movie.


IG: What’s the last song you downloaded on your Ipod?
 A:  Beyonce’s new album

IG: Who would you most like to be stuck in a elevator with?
A: It would have to be my dad (I’m sure it was expected that I choose a celeb).  He’s a fireman and we were actually stuck in a elevator before; I FREAKED!  We were stuck in between floors so my dad got the doors open and we literally had to JUMP out of the elevator.  Gotta love my dad!

IG: If you could stop one bad habit that you have, what would you stop?
 A:My impulsiveness

You can see of Ambrosia at: 
Tumblr: http://tumblr.com/brosiaaam

I believe that every woman is unique, beautiful and inspiring in her own special way!  Would you like to be soptlighted on The Iconic GIRL?  Just send an email to iconicgirlblog@gmail.com with your bio and you could be our next feature!!!


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