Lil Mama Brought To Tears During Radio Interview

In Inspiration, Interviews, Lil Mama on July 21, 2011 at 2:03 am

Today, I came across a video of young rapper and dancer, Lil Mama being interviewed by New York’s 105.1 FM The Breakfast Club and was dishearten to see a young woman being ridiculed and  heckled.  The 21 year old “America’s Best Dance Crew” judge was interrogated about her media incidents involving her jumping on stage during a Jay Z performance and  her recent comments about Nicki Minaj mimicking her style.  What frustrated me the most was the way that co-host Charlamagne tried to humiliate Lil Mama by constantly throwing shots at her calling her “lil boy” and “the voice of the young scrubbleface” hinting that she looks like a man.  Although she tried defended herself blow after blow and even tried to change the subject in a more positive direction, Charlamage never let up and eventually Lil Mama became emotional and began to cry.

Through her tears, she expressed how the interview was not focused on any positive images of her or what she is trying to accomplish.  She voiced that if the Hip Hop community and radio does not support the youth and young people (like herself), no one else will. 
I will admit, I am not a follower of LiL Mama’s music (I’m more of a R&B, Pop, Jazz type of girl) but I am ALL for a young woman trying to expose positive and constructive music for the youth. I think this young lady deserves a round of applause for remaining true to herself all while trying to stay as professional as she could during a disgraceful attempt to undermine her character.
The full interview is below:

 What are your thoughts?

  1. I agree…she should be applauded for holding her own. Charlamagne should be ashamed of himself that acting this way.

  2. When I initially began watching the video, I thought that this would be a great mid-day laugh. But Charlamagne was just mean and it wasn't funny anymore. I'm not a huge fan of her music either, but I love the fact that she has stayed true to who she is the entire time she has been on the music scene. I will definitely pay a lot more attention to her from now on. She was absolutely right when she said our community doesn't support positive people.


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