Lil Mo Talks New Album with BE Entertained

In Lil Mo, magazine cover on July 12, 2011 at 12:32 am
Singer…songwriter…producer…radio personality.  These are all titles carried by the “Superwoman” artist carries proudly.  It’s been  four years since her last album but Lil Mo is ready to release some new material and a new album!  Be Entertained Magazine recently chatted with the songstress to get the deeds on her currently projects.
See excerpts from the interview inside…

On whats she’s been up to the past few years:
I’ve transitioned through music to radio to fragrances to motherhood, just everything within touch, even if it doesn’t seem reachable, I’m going for it. I’ve always BEen a go-getter, but I do realize with the industry that if you put all your eggs in too many baskets, some are bound to crack. Since I’ve BEen in the game a little bit, I knew how to work my way through the industry and then bring myself back. So I did radio, I’m not doing radio anymore, but it was a great platform to start on. Now I have my new album P.S. I love Me… that should BE coming Lord willing in the next couple of weeks. I also have 5 different fragrances. I have P.S. I Love Me, P.S. I Love You, Godmother, God Is Love, & Heaven. The P.S. I Love You is not to BE confused with the Victoria Secret P.S. I Love You. This is the Lil Mo P.S. I Love You which coincides with the free mixtape that’s available on http://TheLilMoShow.com . So there’s just a lot going on.

On the vibe of her new album:
This feel is basically…for my four year hiatus, I pretty much sat back and gauged the industry about where do I fit in. A lot of people say that I’m underrated, but I’d rather BE underrated & under appreciated, yet unstoppable. If you realize that anything I’ve done, I’ve always set trends. Back then people weren’t rocking all of the different hair colors I was rocking, all of the tattoos, church squalling over R&B and Hip Hop tracks. I realized that created my own lane. So I’m bringing back that lane with a lot more singing. The songs are a lot more about love, so there isn’t all that male bashing. It’s not just so geared towards the girls so the guys say you just left us out. No stone will BE left unturned with this album. I’m giving you the BEst of me; this is the BEst singing I’ve ever done in my life. As far as features, I’ve got Tweet…yup, the hummingbird for the title cut called “I Love Me”. I called Maino & we did a song together. The single I have out now on iTunes features Fat man Scoop, it’s called “On the Floor” that’s a nice ugh, dip, drop, song for the KIDS, yessssssssss. I got PJ Morton, and I basically kept the rest in house with my Honey Child Productions. The album is all about loving me; a lot of people don’t realize how much you have to love yourself BEfore you can expect other people to love you or accept that other people love you.

To read more of Lil Mo’s interview, visit BE Entertained Magazine.
(photos & interview via bemagazine)

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