Iconic GIRL Spotlight: Denitrika

In Iconic GIRL Spotlight on July 6, 2011 at 8:28 pm
If your a natural hair belle and frequently search YouTube for tips and styles for your lovely tresses and curls, chances are you’ve seen a few videos from this lovely lady above! Meet Denitrika. She’s been gracing her YouTube lovers with endless videos of style inspiration and hair tips for the last few years.  With over 48,000 subscribers and 1 million channel views, it’s clear to say that she is a delight among many hair care admirers. The Iconic GIRL recently had a chance to chat with Denitrika to discuss hair care, favorite products and what inspired her YouTube Channel…

 Iconic GIRL: What hair products can’t you live without?
Denitrika: My shea butter mix that I sell on heavilyrooted (LOL) and eco styler gel. Those products are the life of my hair. 

IG: What are some of your hair do’s and don’ts?
D: My things is all about trial and error. I don’t think there are certain rules you need to take. The only thing I say is be patient, don’t compare you hair and be gentle when combing. Everything else you will learn as you go.

IG: Have you always been a natural girl?
D: I have not always been natural. its coming up on 6 years for me. I have attempted to go natural 3 times before i actually did it. I don’t plan on going back anytime soon.

IG:  I love to see women rocking natural hair styles. What is your favorite everyday go to hair style?
D: Everyday go to hair style can be lots of things but the one that will never go away is the puff. its easy, and you can always dress it up to look different.

IG: Do you have any tips for those wanting to transition from relaxed to natural hair?
D: Tips for transitioning to to be patient. Roller sets and wrapping your hair will help blend in the two textures. Also when you get enough new growth just cut the rest of the hair off. You will learn your hair better when you start it off short. 🙂

IG: What compelled you to start your YouTube Channel?
D: My mom was always on me to do videos but believe it or not I’m not good with computers. I stumbled on how to make a video and tried it. I also wanted to do it to show that there is so much to do with natural hair besides afros and twists. With the videos i provide it builds confidence in others who want to go natural but doubt that there was styling options for them.

IG: Do you have any favorite celebrity hair inspirations?
D: Well they aren’t really celebrities. They are here on YouTube. I love kinkykurlyqueens hair and also longhairdontcare. I’m waiting patiently for my hair to get to their lengths.

IG: Do you think there is a such thing as perfect hair?
D:  Perfect hair will only exist with the beholder. Some days my hair is perfect and others not so much. But over all I love my hair. I think when people learn to love what their hair will and will not do and except it they will love their hair and view it as perfect. The main thing is just excepting what you have and working with it. When you can do that then its perfect.

IG: What other passions do you have besides hair/beauty?
Not really a passion but I love my cats. They are like my children. LOL some people will think it’s weird but ones who have pets will understand. 🙂

IG: I’ve described an Iconic Girl as someone determined to show the true value of being a woman, self worth, intelligence, beauty and building a great legacy for herself. Do you consider yourself to be an Iconic Girl? If so, what kind of legacy would you like to leave for yourself?
D:  Well with the description you view it as I guess so. I’ve never been one to put myself up on high. But I do try to share with others how to be confident with what they have and don’t let other put you down. So in that since yes. Not really trying to leave a legacy but glad I have helped others over come the shyness of wearing their natural hair and finally embracing it because they see options for themselves.

Iconic GIRL Fun/Random Q&A’s:

IG: A phrase you use way too much?
D: “Much ♥ always” and “I know right” 

IG: How are you best motivated?
When my husband gets on me to do something. LOL

IG: What’s currently playing in your Ipod?D: Always and Forever by BoysIIMen. I have others too but they are the best. LOL

IG: What are essential (necessary) items to take with you when you leave the house?
D: My cocoa butter lip balm. If I Idon’t have that through out the day i go crazy. That is the best stuff and I can only find it at Walgreens.

Denitrika’s YouTube channel: PRETTYDIMPLES01
Facebook page: prettydimples01

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  1. I love this young lady. She is so creative and talented. I taught her well. Lol! (I'm her mother)

    Please checkout my blogs if you like 🙂

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