Runway Magazine Gets Glamourous With Stacey Dash

In magazine cover, Stacey Dash on July 5, 2011 at 1:32 pm

I can only hope to look this hot at 45 years old ! Single Ladies actress Stacey Dash looks sizzling as she struck an pose for a photo shoot with Runway Magazine. As part of her magazine feature, Stacey dishes on her VH1 show her favorite designers and more. 
See more images after the break…


On her favorite designers:
 I’m loving Chanel right now – Karl Lagerfeld. Also Oscar de la Renta and Pucci.
On staying in shape:
I eat healthy, I run and I work out with a personal trainer who does a very strenuous, athletic workout with me four to five time a week.
On Val’s style:
 Val’s fashion style is constantly evolving. It’s inspired by iconic fashion figures of the past, and she puts a contemporary spin on it. [Fashion consultant] Anthony Williams and I have total control when it comes to the vision of Val’s style.
You can check on Single Ladies Monday nights on VH1!


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