Rachel McAdams Covers Elle Magazine

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Rachel McAdams
Star of Woody Allen new film, Midnight In Paris, stunning actress Rachel McAdams displays grace and style on the June 2011 issue of Elle Magazine.  Inside the mag, Rachel dishes on her co-star Owen Wilson, her relationships and more…

Rachel McAdams on ELLE
On working with Owen Wilson:  “It’s definitely a different dynamic from the last time we were together. It wasn’t as fun being mean. I love that Woody likes good guys to be good guys and bad guys to be bad guys. Owen seemed to respond really well when I was a really bad guy.”
On her role in Mean Girls:  “With Mean Girls, I originally auditioned for the part that Lindsay Lohan played. I wouldn’t have seen myself playing Regina at all. But when I read the script, I thought, Oh, this part is way more fun; I wonder who will play that.

On being a romantic: “I am. When Billie Holiday comes on, I can’t help but be transported—and I’m sure it wasn’t as romantic then at all—but that’s the wonderful part of my job: dressing up and walking down the street in New York or Toronto, pretending I’m in the ’40s.”
On finding inspiration in her parents’ marriage: “[They are]Still together and still in love. I’m very blessed that way. I had a great example of love in front of me, and that’s probably what makes me such a romantic, because I’ve seen it firsthand.”
More photos:
 Rachel McAdams
Rachel McAdams
See the full story and interview at Elle.

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